A veggie burger a day will keep the hunger pains away!

Batch Cooking at it’s finest! Turn one meal into a weeks worth of nom noms! Want to reduce your gluten intake? Throw a burger on a bed of greens!

Speaking of nutritional deficiencies and metabolism, did you know that most people are deficient in iron? Don’t be one of THOSE people! Eat lentils, they supply the majority of your daily needs of iron! Spice em up! Add sautéed onion and garlic to flavor virtually any recipe. I also only recommend high quality Himalayan Sea Salt and fresh ground rainbow peppercorns.

Dr. Praeger’s California veggie burgers are also a favorite lunch! This brand was developed by a heart surgeon so the ingredients are the healthiest I’ve seen available (sold at health food stores). Be wry of the ingredients in conventional veggie burgers like Boca brand, no bueno. Veggie burgers pair well with Ezekiel brand english muffins (low calorie) and Follow Your Heart brand Chipotle Veganaise, or you can opt for a healthier condiment like hummus to replace mayo. Field Roast brand Chao original vegan cheese tastes great, is cholesterol free and is my personal favorite alongside the Coconut Herb flavor option (by the same brand). You can save some time by prepping your vegetables in bulk containers when you buy them. Chopped purple onions, sliced organic tomato with sea salt, and spinach go great on any sandwich. Veggie burgers taste better than meat and are a heart healthy alternative.

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