Goal: Focus on eating a rainbow a day!

Did you know that a micro-nutritional deficiency can cause a sluggish metabolism, resulting in unwanted weight-gain? You can boost your nutrient intake by visually paying attention to the color spectrum of your diet! Each color supplies various but specific micro-nutrients and antioxidants. Remember the acronym ROY G BIV from elementary art class? Start to see your produce as a rainbow!

rainbow a day

On a calorie-restricted diet in order to LOSE WEIGHT? Fruits and vegetables are your lowest calorie food options! They are rich in fiber and which will help keep you full. Do you drink enough water? You can also count fresh produce as a rich source of pure water and electrolytes to keep you energized.

GOAL: Eat a salad everyday and a smoothie a day! These are your lowest calorie and most nutrient dense meal options! Another easy way to provide all your vegetable servings are veggie sandwiches on sprouted grain wraps or bread!



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