Forget metabolism, Lets Talk Digestion

The foundation of health is all about digestion, and digestion is all about your bodies ability to properly break down and utilize the nutrients from your food! This is partically why a high enzyme diet sourced from a Whole Food Plant Based yields the best micro-nutrient response. Flesh foods (meat) contain the least amount of enzymes in order to properly break down into usable parts and can take up to 8-hours of precious digestion time. Plants however, are abundant with naturally occurring enzymes and therefore plants can basically quickly digest themselves! The healthier and cleaner your digestive system process, the more mentally and physically vibrant you will feel. One great rule of thumb is to consume only fresh fruits and fresh vegetable juices until lunchtime. After a nights rest, your body is dehydrated in the morning so this is the best time to replenish with minerals. Your liver is also detoxing throughout the night leaving your body ready to eliminate those toxins in the morning! With just this one healthy habit, you are now 30% raw vegan! Fresh fruit only takes 20-30 minutes of digestion time in the stomach.

For harmonious digestion, try proper food combining with meals and snacks. These 4 categories should never be mixed. Personally, I only follow the rule of never combining fruit with other foods, and this seems to work fine for my digestive system. However, if you have any symptoms of ill-digestion, try this method!

proper food combining table.jpg

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