Personal Training

Monthly personal training packages range from $144-$288. The value of my monthly personal training program includes 4-8 30min training sessions with an additional warm-up and cool-down equaling 45min workout sessions. Currently support is offered virtually through phone, text, video, and email support. If local we can meet at an agreed upon location or all services can be rendered online and through phone/video for convenience! 

Plant-Based Nutritional Counseling 

My nutritional program first begins by me accessing where you are currently at with daily lifestyle habits. Once we have defined your personal goals, we will then create a roadmap together for how you want to see progress. My program is personalized to each clients needs based on their goals and lifestyle. Personalized services include a pantry clean-out makeover, grocery store tour guide, shopping lists, recipes, meal planning, and supplement suggestions.

The estimated value of my program is $144/monthly or just $36/weekly! For best results I do generally recommend an on-going 3-month of program support equaling a total cost of only $432 to generate long-lasting results. It generally takes 6-months to a year to ensure successful permanent lifestyle changes. After decided program ceases we can still arrange weekly check-ins for 6months-one year! 

For your convenience, weekly plant-based nutritional counseling includes unlimited virtual access to me via phone, text, video, and email support.

Holistic Wellness Package

Get the ultimate health coach experience with all the fitness and nutrition accountability! Nutrition and physical activity go together like PB&J and best health results don’t include one without the other! Monthly 24/7 support begins at $288 or pay just $72 weekly and your program will include all of the above bells and whistles. Custom workouts made for your specific requirements as well as full nutritional guidance and support for your lifestyle. 

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